Double Side Rotary Tableting Machine GMP Model

Double Side Rotary Tableting Machine GMP Model Specification

27, 35 & 45 Station Double Sided Rotary Tableting Machine






No. Of Stations




Type Of Tooling




* Output Tablets / Hour (Single Layer)

58320 To 129600

75600 To 168000

90000 To 216000

 Maximum Operating Pressure (Tons)




Maximum Tablet Diameter (mm)

23 Mm (25 On Demand)

16 Mm


Maximum Depth Of Fill (mm)

20 Mm

17 Mm

17.5 Mm

Upper Punch Entry (mm)

3 To 6

3 To 6

3 To 6

Main Electric Motor (kW/hp)

3.75/5.0, 1440 Rpm, 415V, 3 Phase, 50Hz

3.75/5.0, 1440 Rpm, 415V, 3 Phase, 50Hz

3.70 KW / 5hp, 1440 RPM 415 V, 50 Hz., 3Ph.  

Overall Dimensions (cm)

110 X 119 X 178H

110 X 119 X 178H

110 X 119 X 178 H

Net Weight

1143 Kg

1143 Kg

 1143 Kg

Case Dimension (cm)

137 X 142 X 200 H

137 X 142 X 200 H

137 X 142 X 200 H

Gross Weight

1400 Kg

1400 Kg

 1500 Kg


* Depending Upon The Tooling Size & Shape, Material Characteristics And Also Ambient Condition.


  • Robust With High Quality Engineering
  • Medium Batch Production
  • Safe/ Simple To Operate And Easy To Maintain
  • Designed As Per CGMP Standards

It Is A Square Model/double Sided Rotary Tablet Press/ Promising Unmatched Quality For Medium Batch Production. Safety/enhanced Performance/clean Ability And Ease Of Operation Is Its Most Significant Features.


a). Material Feeding Operation

The Feeders Can Be Easily Removed For Cleaning Between Product Changeover Because Of Quick Release Feeder Clamping Screws Effective Feeder Leveling Ensures That The Feeder Bases Can Be Easily Set And Maintained At The Desired Height. Resetting Of The Feeder Base Is Not Required Even If The Feeder Is Removed For Cleaning.

b). Compact Design For Higher Output

The Powder Circulating Bend Fitted To The Feeder Keeps The Powder Spilling To An Absolute Minimum. Higher Tablet Output With Greater Weight Consistency Is Obtained By An Extended Tail Over The Die/ Ensuring That The Die Fill Is Covered Until The Moment Of Compression.

c). Powder Lnlet Setting

Adjustments In The Powder Inlet Are Made From The Hopper Support Bracket. These Adjustments Are Possible Without Having To Shut Down The Machine And Open The Guards.

d). Optional Rotary Feeders

Non Mechanical Open Feeders Are Standard Equipment In This Machine. Mechanical Rotary Feeders / Controlled By Selector Switches From The Front Penal Are Also Supplied As An Extra Option. The Independent Motors Are Preset At A Fixed Speed To Prevent Alliteration While In Operation. This Also Ensures Optimum Paddle Speed For A Wide Range Of Products.

e). Drive Configuration

The Turret Is Driven By A Precise Phosphorus-bronze Worm Fitted To A Bearing Mounted Worm Shaft Which Is Driven By A “V” Belt And Variable Speed Pulley Mounted On The Motor Shaft Via The Disc Type Friction Clutch. Speed Adjustment Is Achieved By Raising Or Lowering The Motor On Its Slide By Means Of A Hand Wheel. Small Adjustments May Be Made To The Engagement Between The Worm And Worm Wheel To Disallow Any Wear Which Can Be Adjusted / In Turn Extending Its Life.

f). Cam Track Design

The Machine Incorporates The Latest Cam Track Design Having Smooth Cam Angles. Smooth Cam Angles Improve Punch Travel / Which In Turn / Facilitate Tablet Ejection And Reduce Punch Head Wear Extended Through Lubrication Of The Cam Tracks.

g). Upper Punch Penetration

Adjustable Upper Punch Penetration Is Supplied As A Standard Feature With The Machine (normally An Optional With The Other Tablet Presses). Adjustable Upper Punch Penetration Provides The Following Benefits:

  • Change The Level At Which The Tablet Is Made In The Die
  • Facilitates Tableting Of Difficult Product Or Very Shallow Tablets
  • Reduces Ejection Loads Leading To Extended Punch Head Life
  • Die Life Can Be Increased By Reversing The Dies

h). Lower Punch Scraper Seals

(Available In 27 & 35 Station Only)

The Problem Of Tight Lower Punches Caused By Possible Ingress Of Powder Into The Punch Guide Holes Is Minimized By Protective Scraper Seals. Wear And Tear Is Greatly Reduced Hence Extending Tool Life. What’s More/the Machine Is Able To Run For Longer Periods Between Clean Downs.

i) Cleanability

The Tableting Zone Has Been Designed As Per The Stringent CGMP Norms. The Main Features Of The Tableting Zone Include;

Paint-free Tableting Area
Easy Access To The Area For Cleaning Purposes Because Of Wider Upper Guards And Absence Of Corner Pillars
Easy And Thorough Cleaning Possible Since Most Fittings Are Detachable
Dust Traps Reduced To A Bare Minimum
Overall Cross Contamination And Cleaning Time Greatly Reduced

j) Overcoming Dust Hazard

Efficient Dust Extraction Is Achieved By Means Of A Controlled Air Stream/entering Through Screened Air Inlet Ducts On To Of The Cabinet/and Then Flowing Through The Cabinet To The Dust Extraction Nozzles. Wherever A Centralized System Is Not Available/ Suitable Dust Extraction Units Can Be Supplied.

k). Operator Safety

Interlocks Switches Are Attached To All The Upper Guards Ensuring That The Machine Switches Off Immediately Should A Guard Be Left Open During Machine Operation. A Guard Indicator Light Is Also Provided On The Machine Control Panel For The Same Purpose.

l). Maintenance

Major Controls And The One-shot Lubrication System Are Easily Accessed Through The Hinged Front And Rear Panels. Since There Are No Moving Parts In This Area These Are Not Interlocked, Therefore Adjustments Can Be Carried Out Safely While The Machine Is In Operation.

m). Lubrication

All Major Lubrication Points Are Served By The One-shot Lubrication System. Oil Cups Are Provided Wherever Continuous Lubrication Is Required.

n). Overload And Pressure Release

Effectively, The Safety Valve Of The Machine, This Is Fitted To Both The Lower Pressure Rolls. The Overload Pressure Release Should Always Be Set To Relieve The Pressure With Minimum Effort Consistent With The Diameter And Hardness Of The Tablets Being Made. Adjustments Are Easily Made From The Lower Cabinet. Serious Damage To Both The Machine And The Punches Can Be Prevented Through Proper Use And Maintenance Of This System.

o). Motor Overload

Any Appreciable Motor Overload That May Occur Due To Tight Punches Etc. Is Indicated On An Ammeter Fitted To The Control Panel. The Average Amperage In Normal Running (tableting) Condition Is To Be Noted. Any Increase In This Average Should Be Immediately Investigated


  • Main Motor – Crompton/ Standard Make
  • Clutch System Provided
  • 8mm Thick Upper Acrylic Guards
  • Upper Guards With Interlock (Guard By Pass Arrangement Is Also Provided)
  • Head Of The Machine Is MS With Hard Chrome Plating (Not Cast Iron)
  • Main Center Body Weight Is Approx. 325 Kg
  • Machine Cabinet Top (Middle Square CI Body With SS Cladding) Weight Is Approx. 300 Kg
  • Turret Is Special Graded Casting SG IRON 500/7.
  • Contact Parts Hopper, Discharge Chute & Dust Nozzle & Other Parts SS 304.
  • Digital Tablet Counter & Digital Amper Meter
  • Double Sided Lifting Cams
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