Dust Extractor Machine

Dust Extractor Machine Specification


Pharmaceutical Dust Extractor Machine Is Extremely Useful In Controlling The Dust Generated During The Compression Of Tablets. These Equipments Are Used To Remove Excess Powder From Compressed Tablets. These Dust Extractor Machine Is Not Only Ensure A Dust Free End Product For Use But Also Health And Safety Of People Coming In Contact With Pharmaceutical Processing Machines. Extracting Hazardous Dust At The Point Of Origination And Conveying Them To The Correctly Designed Filtration System Is Necessary To Protect Both Personnel As Well As The Plant. These Dust Extractor Machine Successfully Capture Dust With The Air Stream And Convey It To The Dust Collector.

Salient Features:

  • Dust Extractor Machine Is Provided With Stainless Steel 304/ 316 Contact Parts
  • In This Dust Extractor Machine, Blower Fan Is Dynamically Balanced And The Unit Is With Castor Wheels.
  • Overcome Dust Hazards As Well As Cross Contamination At Tablet Compression.
  • Minimizes Mechanical Strain, Excessive Wear Of Tableting Machine-resulting In Minimum Machine Break-downs And Punch Wears.
  • All Inlet Manifolds And Dust Collection Tray Are Of S.S.
  • Four Inlet Manifolds Facilitate To Connect Tablet Machine And The Dedusting Units.

Application Of Dust Extractor:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Educational Facilities

Technical Specification:

Suction Capacity 150 CFM (250 M3 /hr.) 300 CFM (500 M3 /hr.)
Filter Area 0.8 Sq.mtr 1.343 Sq.mtr
Dust Storage Cap. 20 Ltr. 40 Ltr.
Ele. Power 1 Hp 1.5 H.p.
Overall Dimension In (cm) 28 Inch(L) X 19 Inch(W) X 32 Inch(H) 32ââ‚ (I) X 25ââ‚ (W) X 56ââ‚ (H)
Case Dimension In (cm) 35 Inch(L) X 20 Inch(W) X 40 Inch(H) 36 (I) X 29(W) X 60 (H)
Net Weight 90 Kg. 110 Kg.
Gross Weight 130 Kg. 170 Kg.
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